Circa 1960 Dad (Bud Johnson) and Glenn Tenold in an argument, were joking/arguing about religion on politics with Theo P.? and Pete threw them out because they were arguing. It was one of those joking around things. Two weeks later they wanted to come back. One of them, either Dad or Glenn had a hat that he always wore. They went to the back door and threw his hat through the door first. Pete recognized the hat and yelled, "OK, Tenold and Johnson, you can come in but this time you have to behave."

"I always come in and get the same thing, fillet, rice and salad with italian dressing and dry roquefort," Dick says proud.

Story as told by Dick Johnson from Northwood, IA

"Customers for 35 years and have never had a bad meal. This is always the best place to bring friends. Barbara's sister and husband travel all over the world and they say this is the best food in the nation."

Told by Ray and Barbara Tweed

Stephanie remembers the little Coke bottles, sticking her finger in the oil lamp, and the red and white checked oil cloth on the tables.

Stephanie Hankenson (Clausen)
29 year old granddaughter of Bob Clausen.

Referring to cottage fries..."Uncle Bob and Aunt Helen used to come in and Cookie would make them for us."

Quote from Olie Schweer and Cathy Barth

"We would come in with our first grandchild and Merle (Madouras). Grandchildren make you twice happy. Once coming and once going."

"The owner of Club 28 in Charles City, Spiz Castle, would come in every Friday night. Maybe because he enjoyed the food but maybe he wanted the recipe too."

"When Pete's Place was on Highway 65 there was one entrance to the restaurant and that was through the kitchen. At this door there was a box stationed that read "Greek Relief Box". After WWII, you had to contribute to this fund in order to get in to eat. There was also only a wood stove."

"We would bring in the grandkids and great-grandkids. They had to order a hamburger but gradually they graduated to a filet."

Told by Bob and Maxine Eggert of Charles City
Married 61 years and customers of the
Northwestern for 53 years.

"I had a fond place in my heart for your restaurant since I was about 6 years old. When I was a little boy growing up in Mason City, my Dad would always take us to Pete's for dinner. That was back in 1958 or so. In those days I used to eat the chicken, which Pete would always bring to the table himself. I would eventually learn to like the steak... oh, the steak! I remember my Dad bragging about this place to everyone he met for years after he left Mason City. Now that he's gone, it's my turn to brag about it."

"Well, recently I was able to see my old hometown again, and of course, I had to make the pilgrimage to Pete's. (Now the Northwestern Steakhouse.) I have to admit, nothing has changed in the 53 years I have been away. I can even tell you the taste is exactly the same as it was back then. (You never forget a certain taste or smell.) I Had the filet with spaghetti on the side and a small salad, and it was heavenly! I would have made the trip from Florida just to eat that steak!"

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed seeing the old building again and knowing that someone has carried the torch all these years in honor of Pete, keeping the experience exactly the same as it was, and following the same ways of cooking that made the place famous in the first place. You just don't see that happen much anymore. Kudos to you and may your restaurant live on forever!

Story told by Neil Pogeler from Florida
Customers of the 
Northwestern for 53 years.


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Lloyd & Nancy

Fairbanks Family


A long time family of customers enjoying a celebration at the Northwestern Steakhouse



Henry Mataloni


Henry and his family has been coming to our restaurant since he was a young man.


~One of my favorite photos. Henry at 87. Thanks. Tom




Mataloni family after Henry's life celebration



Awesome night....thanks for everything. Hope to see you soon. You and your team were outstanding.

Tom Mataloni